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Mitchell Rosen: Sexual harassment conversation should move to the next level

By in Press Enterprise on February 3, 2018

By Mitchell Rosen

I am a husband to my wife, son to my mother and father to my daughter — three women I care deeply about. When speaking with them regarding sexual harassment of women, I’ve learned it has not been rare but common for at least three generations.

I understand from reading and speaking with other women, predatory behavior towards women spans more than just the past three generations.

A conversation about exploiting, threatening and subjugating women is a discussion long overdue. Only recently has there been a willingness to have this talk. Somehow, in our polarized culture, even this basic, non-partisan issue has become politicized.

I know after being a marriage counselor for 25-plus years, relationships between men and women in a marriage are complex. There is no such thing as a typical marriage.

In some marriages, men and women are equal. In many there is an imbalance and these rules or unspoken boundaries are individual to that relationship. I know, because of what I do for a living, a fair amount about the inner workings of relationships. No one can truly be an expert, but I have some observations.

Because of what I have learned from my patients, observed in the corporations I have worked for and seen with my own eyes, it is my hope that my daughter will be assertive and outspoken in safeguarding her right to be free from harassment. Many parents I speak with love their children equally yet have a deeper hope their daughters, even more than their sons, will be able to draw boundaries with others, especially men.

I have not met too many parents who yearn for their daughters to be passive, obsequious and submissive. Most hope, as do I, our daughters will believe in an equal right to respect. As a country we have a long way to […]    

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