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Mitchell Rosen: No one should fight about picking up grandma

By in Press Enterprise on December 23, 2017

By Staff report

Every year about this time, the fighting starts…who will pick up grandma? Grandma, who raised five kids, never complains and would give you anything she owns. That grandma now is a burden. Why? Because one of us relatives has to go 40 minutes out of the way to pick her up in holiday traffic and take her back home again.

Grandmas have a sixth sense; they can tell when members of their family are arguing. Most will ask, in a non-intrusive off-handed way, “So everything OK?” Grandmas, the good ones, are like Switzerland. Neutral, gets along with everyone, never openly shows favoritism. We should all be more like our grandmothers. Kind, non-judgmental with an endless capacity to listen.

So when grandma hears her children or grandchildren arguing about who has to take her home, it breaks her heart. She never complained about working two jobs, making soup out of chicken bones or ketchup when there was no money. Grandma saw her life’s purpose as helping her family.

If her reward for a life of altruism and sacrifice is to be greeted with annoyance and heavy sighs because she needs a ride, then I imagine grandma would rather stay home and watch “Jeopardy.” Many of us pretend grandma can’t hear because, well, she’s getting old and her hearing isn’t all that great. But really it’s selfishness when we argue about who has to transport grandma instead of who gets to ride with her.

Grandmas are a gift. Not all are great but if you’re lucky enough to have a good one then you know exactly what I’m saying. They may not know the latest software or even how a router works but they know about loyalty, love and family. They know this more than almost anything else.

Some grandparents are retired and some never had a […]    

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