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Mitchell Rosen: Being real and humble is what really matters

By in Press Enterprise on July 15, 2017

By Mitchell Rosen

My father was a modest and humble man; never tooted his own horn. He could have. My dad grew up poor in the lower east side of New York, was first in his family to graduate college and became a Certified Public Accountant.

When I was young, if my father and I came across a man who boasted about how smart, rich or important they were, my dad would tell me that person was being boorish. Now you don’t hear the word “boorish” too much these days, but there is certainly no shortage of boorish people.

Another pearl of wisdom I got from dad was this: “If a person is truly smart, they don’t need to tell you. If they are actually wealthy, they usually don’t have a need to make certain you know.”

I discovered, over time, he was right. In fact, the smartest people are the ones who speak about how much they don’t know. People with millions of dollars don’t remind you they pulled up in a Lexus or Mercedes.

It’s exciting to be around brilliant men and women. Their minds are going a million miles an hour, a hundred steps ahead of mine. Another thing I noticed is they don’t always use big words or speak in a manner that’s difficult to understand. My guess is they see the big picture and in the big picture we have more questions than answers. Arrogance goes with stupidity more often than brilliance.

We have all met individuals who think they are all that; convinced that what comes out of their mouths should be enshrined on a mountain. I find it trying to be around these people. Some complain it is exhausting to explain and re-explain to individuals who struggle to understand. I don’t mind if the person really wants to know. I do, […]    

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