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Miller: UCLA’s Josh Rosen throws for everything but victory against USC

By in Press Enterprise on November 19, 2017

By Jeff Miller

LOS ANGELES – He didn’t miss by much, but it was enough, enough to vent on a night when, if you were a Bruin, that’s what you did. You vented.

So, late in the third quarter, after throwing slightly behind Christian Pabico, causing the junior receiver to drop a possible third-down-converting pass, Josh Rosen slapped his helmet with both hands.

Three times.

Bang. Bang. Bang.

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He also grabbed two fistfuls of facemask, tugging down on his own helmet as a way to release what was boiling inside him.

Another loss to USC. Another empty finish. Another flight of frustration.

On a night when Rosen was often times brilliant, he and Bruins again simply couldn’t do enough, losing 28-23.

“I really thought we were going to win this game,” he said. “We executed how we wanted, but we couldn’t get it done in the red zone…It’s really frustrating.”

He unleashed bullets and lofted rainbows and had a 43-yard completion that bounced off two Trojans defensive backs before settling into the open arms of his intended receiver.

He passed for 421 yards – the most ever for a Bruin against the Trojans – and three touchdowns and did absolutely nothing to disrupt the momentum building toward his future NFL career. And still it wasn’t enough. All of that, and it still wasn’t enough.

Rosen did everything but desire his team to victory in what will almost certainly be his final game against USC, his next appearance in the Coliseum – if there is one – likely coming as an opponent of the Rams.

And he didn’t stop slinging until he physically no longer could, the Trojans gaining possession in the final three minutes […]    

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