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Miller: Mike Trout’s return means the Angels matter again

By in Press Enterprise on July 15, 2017

By Jeff Miller

ANAHEIM — He trash texted, Mike Trout did, his bat silenced but his phone chirping, the good-natured digs at teammates serving as his presence in his absence.

Like when the Angels were in Detroit last month and Kole Calhoun homered to the opposite field, a rarity for the left-handed hitter, the ball traveling only an estimated 352 feet.

Sitting at home, watching the game on TV like the rest of us, Trout immediately texted Adam Nevala, suggesting the wind had to be blowing out to left and knowing the team’s athletic trainer would relay the playful slight to Calhoun.

“Just little stuff,” Trout explained. “Being away from the game, it was different for me. I wanted to be there.”

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He wasn’t alone. The Angels wanted Trout to be there, too. And finally, on Friday, he was there, back in center field and batting third, a club still pocked by injuries more whole than it had been for six weeks.

In another historic career first, Trout came off the disabled list as the Angels returned from the All-Star break to play Tampa Bay in a game that otherwise would have been noteworthy only for its complete lack of noteworthiness.

Let’s be honest here, people, Angels-Rays at night on the West Coast isn’t exactly a matchup that’s going to draw a lot of national attention unless the teams play nude.

The Yankees and Red Sox also met Friday, a game the MLB Network chose to carry live, the MLB Network aware that Angels-Rays in balmy Southern California wouldn’t draw better […]    

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