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Miller: Losing Ryan Getzlaf for up to two months perfectly sums up Ducks’ painful season

By in Press Enterprise on November 8, 2017

By Jeff Miller

ANAHEIM — It is the morning of Ducks versus Kings, so much fiery hockey and mutual distaste to discuss, and instead the first voice heard belongs to Bob Murray.

This is typically a bad sign, Murray being the Ducks’ general manager and, as such, he rarely meets formally with the media to talk about how everything with the team is simply peachy.

“Nothing negative to report today, folks,” Murray has said never. “Just wanted to say hello.”

No, on Tuesday, Murray’s news concerned Ryan Getzlaf, who had facial surgery this week and could miss up to two months, the Ducks already having dealt with so many significant injuries, so why not one now to their most important player?

Morning skates are generally routine exercises designed to help teams prepare to play that night.

This particular morning skate was hardly routine, though the notion of someone getting hurt for the Ducks has become much too everyday.

Nobody in the NHL is going to feel sorry for this team, of course, just like nobody in the NHL was giddy for the Ducks while they were winning each of the past five Pacific Division titles.

This is professional ice hockey, where injuries are considered such an obvious weak spot on which opponents can prey that teams usually refuse to identify the exact body part involved.

Rather than feel sympathy, NHL teams are more likely to sense blood and then behave – or misbehave – accordingly. In that regard, it’s amazing that only one franchise in this league goes by the name Sharks.

There’s no reason for the Ducks to conceal the location of Getzlaf’s injury since everyone saw the puck redirected inadvertently off his face Oct. 29 against Carolina.

The fact he skated six more shifts before succumbing to a problem that could sideline him into 2018 is a testament to Getzlaf’s hockey […]    

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