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Man found with dismembered body parts in Kansas charged in separate Palm Springs killing

By in Press Enterprise on November 28, 2017

By City News Service

A man who authorities say was found living in a Kansas storage unit with his wife’s dismembered remains in an ice chest was charged last week with the unrelated killing of a Palm Springs man.

Justin Todd Rey, 35, was charged with the May 10, 2016, killing of Sean Ty Ferel, who went missing after going on vacation with Rey, police said.

Soon after Ferel disappeared, “several thousand dollars” in charges were made using Ferel’s credit cards, police said.

Text messages sent by loved ones to Ferel also led to responses that signified “a marked change in the way Ferel would respond,” leading them to conclude someone else was sending the messages, according to Palm Springs police Sgt. William Hutchinson.

Ferel’s body has not been recovered. However, Rey was found with Ferel’s car, cellphone and other property following an August 2016 car crash near Los Angeles. Police say Ferel’s blood was found inside the trunk of his car.

More of Ferel’s property was recovered by police inside a Kingman, Arizona, storage unit rented to Rey. Hutchinson also said Rey was caught on surveillance footage at various businesses using Ferel’s credit cards.

The May 2016 slaying occurred more than a year before Rey made headlines in Lenexa, Kansas, where authorities say they found him and two of his children living inside a storage unit. Police say the remains of his wife, Jessica Monteiro Rey, were found inside an ice chest in the storage facility.

Authorities have not commented on her cause of death. Rey allegedly told police his wife died while giving birth inside a Kansas City hotel. However, footage from a Johnson County court hearing shows Rey contending that his wife committed suicide and accusing authorities of kidnapping his children.

He made similar statements in videos on his Youtube channel, “Mr. Justin Rey CS,” on which he details […]    

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