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Light plane lands safely in San Bernardino after pilot reports landing gear trouble

By in Press Enterprise on December 30, 2017

By Jim Steinberg

SAN BERNARDINO –There was drama in the skies above San Bernardino International Airport on Friday night when a single-engine plane circled the airport with what the pilot reported as a possible landing gear problem.

EMS and San Bernardino County Fire Department crews mobilized in preparation for a worst-case landing, but in the end the pilot of the Cessna 210J landed the plane safely.

The pilot had circled the airport for just over an hour to burn fuel prior to landing, fire officials said.

The pilot was the only person in the plane, said officials from the fire agency, which had staged an aircraft crash rig and other fire apparatus in preparation for the landing.

A San Bernardino County Fire District photo shows one of the rigs positioned at San Bernardino International Airport on Friday night after the pilot of a small plane reported landing gear trouble and prepared to land.

Upon landing, the gear did not support the plane’s weight.

“The pilot walked away,” said Mark Gibbs, airport director of aviation.

The gear was not locked in place during the landing, Gibbs said.

The plane did not catch fire.

The incident will be investigated by the FAA, Gibbs said.


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