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Life in NHL still very new for Ducks rookie Kevin Roy

By in Press Enterprise on November 26, 2017

By Eric Stephens

LOS ANGELES – School is in session for Kevin Roy and Staples Center became the latest classroom to learn about life in the NHL.

Roy’s first experience in the grudge match that is Ducks-Kings came Saturday night. And an upcoming trip will have the Ducks rookie potentially playing in the always-lively United Center in Chicago along with stops in St. Louis, Columbus, Nashville and Vegas.

There is newness to a lot of things when one is eight games into their career. That can’t be ignored but the Quebec native has to take that aspect out as he makes his way.

“I think it’s a small adjustment still,” Roy said. “And then it’s just like kind of any other games. You get used to it and you just keep moving forward. Take the experience in and keep adjusting to that.”

Two weeks in, Roy feels that he’s more comfortable and no longer going through a crash course. He got his first goal out of the way quickly, putting in a rebound past Boston goalie Tuukka Rask in his third game.

Ducks coach Randy Carlyle understands that everything can seem bigger than it actually is for most players that make their first dip into the league. It’s up to the individual to adjust and play the kind of hockey they’re used to playing, regardless of the atmosphere.

“Some people might do it in a week, some people might do it in a month, some people it takes years,” Carlyle said. “The more intense the environment gets, the more hostile the building that you go into, those are the learning curves.

“Those are the experience curves that you have to grasp and say, ‘Hey, I got through this. It’s OK. That’s more in breeding the confidence that you can get the job done. You can do it, you can play […]    

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