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Letters: What do the Democrats stand for?

By in Press Enterprise on July 30, 2017

By Letters To The Editor

The times are a-changin’

Re: “What does the Democratic Party stand for?” [Opinion, July 25]: First a history lesson. Coming of political age in April, June and those hot August nights 1968, and again May 1970, I will tell you what Democrats stood against: The war, the draft, soldiers being denied voting rights because they were under 21, minorities being denied voting rights because they were not white, “All the Presidents Men,” racial and socioeconomic oppression, voter suppression, violations of human rights anywhere and everywhere around the world. Here at home, we stood against the Dixiecrats standing in the “school house door.”

What did the Democrats stand for? Equal justice in the eyes of the law, equal access to the voting booth, equal and free education, equal jobs, equal pay, equal health care, equal housing, equal rights to marry whom they choose.

What do Democrats stand for right now: the same. We are not fractured in our core values, we are not split as to our foundations, we are not divided in our fights for human rights.

The Democratic Party is undergoing the same pains of the 1968 revolution. Remember the convention and the revolutionaries’ demand for the Black Caucus members to be seated as delegates? The Old Guard fought back. Remember the revolutionaries’ fight for the platform and advancing civil rights? The Old Guard fought back. Call them the Establishment or The Old Guard, the label is the same. We came, we rose up, we said stand back, old man, and we took the party to a new place.

This process is being replicated. New members, new voices who want a forward march to the left of center are demanding to be heard, charging forward to effectuate the change. 2016 BernieCrats, 1968 revolutionaries — a difference without a distinction. Yeah, 1968 part deux which […]    

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