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Letters: No integrity in Sacramento

By in Press Enterprise on June 18, 2017

By Press-Enterprise Editorial Board

Cut and amended in the state budget on veterans cemeteries were provisions changing the rules for qualifying a recall petition for the ballot.

Like the Democrats’ attempt to invalidate the election of the Republican president, their corrupt agenda is ever-powerful in Sacramento. The gas tax was wrong; Sen. Josh Newman violated the constituents’ trust by voting for it. Facing the threat of losing a Democratic supermajority, and the ugly truth of where all our tax money supposedly collected for our roads and infrastructure will actually be spent, a recall is in progress.

This retroactive change to the recall effort rules and ballot change maneuver is just another nail in the Democratic Party coffin.

It’s not just the Democratic Party that stinks, it’s the overall distrust and dishonesty the citizens see in their elected leaders.

You would think there would be some degree of integrity, but even the Pledge of Allegiance is difficult for these rascals.

Expose the truth.

— Russell Adams, Menifee

Good luck

When a politician runs on a platform and is elected, he or she should honor commitments made to their constituents. Josh Newman ran on the premise of being independent-minded. He, like many Democrats, abandoned his promise and voted for the quickly conceived $52 billion gas tax — of which only about 60 percent is actually going for road and bridge repair. His constituents started a recall petition that grew rapidly with tens of thousands of signatures.

However, the Democrats threw in a wrinkle in the form of a piece of legislation making a recall effort tougher and more lengthy. This is an effort to protect one of their own and prevent the public from acting out of displeasure over Newman’s betrayal. Thank God I am not a millennial, because their earning power has been affected dramatically by this liberal-led state. Californians, you get what you […]    

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