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Letters: Give Trump a chance

By in Press Enterprise on July 12, 2017

By Letters To The Editor

Re: “At G20, the world aligns against Trump” [News, July 7]: The Press-Enterprise reports that the Europeans at G20 staunchly oppose Donald Trump particularly on his insistence on fair trade with them. Trump states that unless they cooperate he will impose import taxes on their steel. We should support our president on this. U.S. steel has been undermined for decades.

I’m from Pittsburgh, I worked in the steel mills during the summer to pay my way through Penn State. J and L Steel gave steel workers a livelihood. Today there’s nothing like where those 14,000 American steelworkers used to work.

We all know that story and no, it wasn’t “the unions” that did that. It was blind “leadership,” the same leaders that have dominated America for years. Trump has his rough edges, but I changed party affiliation to vote for him because I believed in his policies, not his hairdo. I haven’t seen the Democrats do anything for America since the ’60s.

The people who hate Trump are the freeloaders who want to be favored. Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and Bill Clinton were all evil Pied Pipers playing tunes to these people and either giving away the house, or giving absolutely nothing in return. Wake up, America. Give us a break. Let’s have reason, merit, fairness and intelligence have a chance for once. Don’t be so full of hate for Trump that you can’t see what a certain policy is meant to accomplish.

— Philip Palermo, Corona

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