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Letters: Cost of ‘free’ health care

By in Press Enterprise on June 15, 2017

By Letters To The Editor

Cost of ‘free’ health care

In your Sunday newspaper, it was nice to learn that the head of the nurses’ union had no idea how to pay for the free-health-care-for-all program but endorses it fully. Well, here is my idea on how to raise the money, considering the price of this program is about double our total current state budget of about $200 billion.

First we need to raise personal income taxes by 10 percent on single persons earning $150,000 or more and a couple making $300,000 or more. All income should be included, i.e., salary, pensions and investments. Income tax rates for the middle class should remain the same, because most of your senior citizens are in this category. Property taxes should remain the same for all, for we need people to stay in their homes and buy things and businesses need to remain here and provide jobs and not move out of state.

Second is to raise the state sales tax to 20 percent or more — since all people will be entitled to free health care, all people need to help pay for it. Considering that a large majority of our population pays no income tax, this will be their way to help pay their fair share.

If you think this idea is outrageous, then do a Google search on countries that have free health care, such as New Zealand, United Kingdom and Canada. Hopefully, none of our citizens will die waiting to see a doctor like in the VA. Remember that is also a single-payer.

— Edward J. Gersich, Murrieta

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