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Lakers scratching their heads over turnover woes

By in Press Enterprise on December 5, 2017

By Bill Oram

EL SEGUNDO — Two days removed from when his team last committed a turnover, Luke Walton continued to harp on what he perceives to be the Lakers’ biggest issue in this, their season of giving … the ball away.

“If I had the magic wand,” Walton said, “that’d be the one thing I would fix that would give us the best chance of getting a win.”

The Lakers are averaging a league-worst 17.5 turnovers per game and have committed 21 in each of their last two games, losses to the Houston Rockets and the Denver Nuggets. They have now lost five in a row and face another daunting December, with a four-game trip to the Eastern Conference that begins Thursday in Philadelphia.

As Walton said, he is no master of the dark arts. So when the Lakers convened to practice Tuesday, he had to dial up a more old-school solution to their turnover curse.

Every turnover during a scrimmage led to additional running.

On Tuesday, the penalty seemed to work.

“We definitely cut down on them,” rookie point guard Lonzo Ball said. “We didn’t want to run. Got to translate that to the game, and we will be all right.”

Have the Lakers turned over a new leaf? So far, that’s the only thing they have not turned over.

Walton understands that there will be turnovers.

Sometimes, the Lakers try to make the extra pass and it ends up intercepted or sailing out of bounds.

“Those are the ones we’re willing to live with,” Walton said. “But it’s the careless ones, the catch-on-top-of-the-floor-and-take-three-steps-before-you-dribble-the-ball turnovers that we’ve got to try to get rid of.”

The matchup between the Lakers and 76ers will feature the league’s two most prolific teams in terms of turnovers. While the Lakers rank at the bottom, the Sixers check in at 29th with 17.4 giveaways per game.

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