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LA 2028 leadership still beaming day after Olympic bid was approved in Peru

By in Press Enterprise on September 15, 2017

By Scott Reid

LOS ANGELES — As Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti and Los Angeles 2028 chairman Casey Wasserman stood on the edge of a tarmac at Los Angeles International Airport, a long flight from Lima, Peru and an improbable victory behind them, the sun was setting on what is once again an Olympic city.

In a sense, the Olympic Games were returning home as well Thursday evening.

A day earlier the International Olympic Committee unanimously ratified the awarding of the 2028 Olympic and Paralympic Games to Los Angeles, the IOC turning to the city in crisis for a third time.

Los Angeles, Garcetti said, was “Bringing home (the Olympics) to where they need to be.”

Garcetti, Wasserman and Los Angeles City Council president Herb Wesson, who met the pair at LAX, promised to not only deliver a Games that would transform an Olympic movement that has been hounded by financial catastrophe, a string of corruption scandals and is struggling to connect with young viewers but an Olympics that would unite the city.

“The Olympic Games have always found fertile ground and a home and great support among Angelenos because we understand the power of the Games to unite us,” Garcetti said.

“In 1932 we became in many ways a global city and saved the Olympics in the midst of the Depression. In 1984 when we became a significant Olympic city and hosted the Olympics, created jobs and made a model that now lasts in the Olympic movement. In 2028 we’re going to do that again, become one of the most indispensable global cities, one that reaches for opportunities like the Olympic Games and simultaneously addresses the challenges that we have, to unite this city, to address poverty, our challenges with traffic and housing. We know by looking 11 years in the future we have the opportunity (to shape) […]    

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