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Korean Boy Band BTS is not coming to Coachella 2018 and fans are pretty mad about it

By in Press Enterprise on January 3, 2018

By Samantha Bush

It was only ever wishful thinking, but that hasn’t stopped fans of the Korean boy band BTS from feeling disappointed that the band isn’t slated to perform at Coachella 2018.

The lineup for the two-weekend festival in Indio, CA was announced via Twitter Tuesday afternoon and Eminiem, The Weeknd and Beyonce will be there, along with a ton of other huge musical acts, except BTS.

— Coachella (@coachella) January 3, 2018

Fans of BTS were upset, to say the least.


— Gus van der Woodsen (@wecangetright) January 3, 2018

Replace BEYONCÉ with BTS

— Gus van der Woodsen (@wecangetright) January 3, 2018

Me waiting to see if someone will dropout of the coachella lineup so Bts can take their place

— mack 🌚 (@hiimhenrey) January 3, 2018


— /// (@gayrailroad) January 3, 2018

where’s BTS

— reputation (@itsnotlorde) January 3, 2018

listen i don’t like bts but they are already in america pal they’ve been here for a while. they literally won a billboard music award

— ً (@Iovebyers) January 3, 2018

Not gonna lie I’m pretty bummed BTS didn’t somehow make it onto the Coachella lineup lol

— Ben Solo (@NicholasPulido) January 3, 2018

Others were amused at the idea that Beyonce could be replaced, by anyone, let alone a K-pop boy band.

BTS aren’t big enough to replace Beyoncé. I’m not trashing, but it’s facts.

— elizabeth ⇞ 45 | 242 (@suburbiasimpson) January 3, 2018

bts would be lit but sis we keeping Beyoncé

— Millie👸🏾 (@dolancarpenter) January 3, 2018


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