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Kenley Jansen has no regrets about calling out Dodgers fans for All-Star snubs

By in Press Enterprise on July 5, 2017

By Bill Plunkett

LOS ANGELES – Kenley Jansen frequently finds himself in precarious positions.

“My job is risky,” he said. “Either I’m going to blow it or I’m going to get the save.”

The knowing smile that accompanied Jansen’s statement made it clear the Dodgers closer didn’t think he had blown it by calling out Dodgers fans for failing to elect a starter to the National League All-Star team. Any backlash from his comments Sunday has left him unfazed.

Jansen said he didn’t regret saying it was “Dodgers’ fans’ fault” that Corey Seager and Justin Turner weren’t voted in as starters for next week’s All-Star Game and disagreed with any interpretation that he was ripping Dodgers’ fans.

“I love the fans,” he said. “I never rip the fans. I know we have the best fans in baseball. That’s one of the reasons I came back (after reaching free agency last winter).”

Jansen praised the Dodgers for “leading baseball in attendance every year” and “selling 3 million tickets before the season even starts” – almost as if these were talking points suggested by Dodgers PR. Jansen also pointed out that he had included himself when he said Sunday “We should have voted” enough to elect an All-Star starter and said he was being “a messenger” for teammates who were disappointed on behalf of Turner and Seager.

“I’m going to stand up for my teammates,” he said. “That’s why I said what I said.”

Jansen acknowledged that he is “aware” many fans are unable to see most Dodgers games on TV because of the on-going stalemate with cable distributors (now in its fourth year), a factor that could hold down vote totals for Dodgers players. But he pointed out fans are finding a way to vote now – Turner was the early NL leader in the ‘Final Vote’ online competition for a […]    

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