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Kartje: SkyCam offers a welcomed new look at NFL action

By in Press Enterprise on November 18, 2017

By Ryan Kartje

People hate change. This sentiment is universal and timeless. When applied to football, boy, it rings especially true.

The NFL has given us plenty of reason to hate change. Any further restrictions on player celebrations have been a net negative. The change to kickoff rules, which were meant to make returns less common — and, as a result, safer — is an abject failure. The addition of Thursday Night Football has objectively been a horrible move by the league, which has now seen a cavalcade of stars out for the season with injuries they suffered playing on Thursday night.

There are a lot of reasons the league deserves your hatred. SkyCam, however, is not one of them.

What did you think about the @nfl showing SkyCam views for the majority of last night’s @NFLTNF game? #USAFootball

— USA Football (@usafootball) November 17, 2017

As the Steelers took the Titans to the woodshed on Thursday night, viewers were treated to a new camera angle, from a moving camera attached to wires hanging about 15 feet over the field. The camera gave us an unprecedented view that closely resembled that of Madden video games, one that allowed us to watch run plays develop and gave us the quarterback’s view over the middle.

With the action developing vertically, viewers have a better idea of how the action actually looks on the field. From this angle, we were able to diagnose when bad passes looked bad, while deep passes looked all the more stunning. We could see holes that the running back missed or conjured out of nothing. We could even watch the offensive line.

In the fourth quarter, Ben Roethisberger completed one pass to Martavis Bryant on an out route, in which we watched Roethlisberger throw before Bryant had even […]    

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