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K-FROG radio host Kelli Green ‘still shaking’ from Las Vegas shooting

By in Press Enterprise on October 2, 2017

By Ryan Hagen

The time from when Kelli Green heard a woman screaming “active shooter” in Las Vegas until 12 hours later as she drove through Victorville is the scariest period in her life.

“Even driving home right now, I’m still shaking,” Green, co-host of the K-FROG morning radio show on KFRG-FM 95.1 and 92.9, said Monday morning. “Hearing the gunshots, knowing we have family and friends were there, and I know a lot of our listeners were there.”

She and her crew, who were in Las Vegas to interview artists, left the Route 91 Harvest Festival shortly before Jason Aldean began his Sunday night headliner set, and sat down to eat at an MGM Grand restaurant that looks out over the concert.

“All of a sudden a woman was yelling, ‘Active shooter, active shooter,” Green said. “They took us out a side door and to an alleyway behind the casino. For some reason there happened to be a cab there. We jumped right in and told him, ‘There’s an active shooter, you need to go, go, go.’”

As he sped away, the driver turned on the police scanner and they began to understand the news: A gunman perched above the concert had opened fire, killing dozens of people and wounding hundreds.

Green’s brother and sister-in-law were at the concert, and only later that night would she learn that they had escaped unharmed — barely.

“The woman next to my sister-in-law was shot and killed,” she said. “They were able to jump into the soundboard. … They were able to get away unscathed, but they could hear the bullets ricocheting off the roof.”

After reaching her loved ones to assure them she was safe, Green made it to her boss’s room at the Venetian. She stayed there watching the news and social media with her market manager, his […]    

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