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Just when you thought the border wall couldn’t get worse, Trump wants solar panels

By in Press Enterprise on November 1, 2017

By Christian Britschgi

The Oct. 26 deadline to finish the prototypes for President Trump’s signature border wall has arrived. Over the past few months, aspiring crony-capitalist companies have been building eight test wall segments along the U.S.-Mexico border outside of San Diego. Each contract gave companies roughly $450,000 for a 30-foot prototype, and now the winning companies are hoping to net an additional $300 million in taxpayer money to construct full-scale versions.

The current designs on display range from the classic, solid concrete you might have found separating two halves of Berlin to ultra-modern see-through walls that would allegedly allow for more efficient migrant spotting.

Something none of the current designs include — yet — however, is a sparkling array of solar panels. This is no doubt to the chagrin of President Trump, who in addition to winning the presidency on the promise of building an ineffective, immoral and incredibly expensive border wall, has suggested on multiple occasions that the whole thing could double as a giant solar energy plant.

The president first floated this notion in June, saying, “We’re talking about the southern border, lots of sun, lots of heat. We’re thinking about building the wall as a solar wall so it creates energy and pays for itself.”

Trump added, “Solar wall, panels, beautiful. I mean actually think of it, the higher it goes the more valuable it is. Pretty good imagination right? Good? My idea.”

Now, with work on border wall prototypes getting underway, Trump’s talk doesn’t seem to be just a passing fancy. “Solar panels or technology bundles on top of the fence certainly isn’t off the table,” Mario Villarreal, the new division chief for San Diego’s Customs and Border Protection field office, recently told the Washington Examiner. Villarreal’s office was responsible for overseeing the construction of the prototypes.

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