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Jared Goff, Sean McVay push back against claims that Rams’ play-calling is ‘cheating’ or ‘immoral’

By in Press Enterprise on November 30, 2017

By Rich Hammond

THOUSAND OAKS — Sean McVay, perhaps the most excitable coach in the NFL, can say a lot in 25 seconds. Rams quarterback Jared Goff is charged with processing all those words.

Is it too much? After studying film, writers and commentators theorized this week that McVay feeds audible calls to Goff, through in-helmet communication, while the Rams are at the line of scrimmage.

That is, even in the strictest of NFL rules interpretations, totally legal. A coach is allowed to talk to his quarterback until the 40-second play clock ticks to 15, at which point communication is cut off. That time typically is used to call plays while players are in the huddle, but in the Rams’ case, it seems as though they sometimes get to the line of scrimmage early, then have McVay make calls or adjustments.

McVay has come under some media criticism from pundits who apparently feel that relaying audibles to a quarterback is a step too far. Quarterbacks, some said, should have to make some decisions on their own, and not be force-fed information about what plays to audible to, and where to throw the ball.

“To say you’re in his ear – and I’ve seen some of the things out there – I think it’s a discredit to what Jared has done,” McVay said after Wednesday’s practice at Cal Lutheran.

“With the experiences that I’ve had in Washington (as offensive coordinator) and here, it’s totally the quarterback’s discretion as to whether they want me to talk to them and give them reminders, or if they say, ‘Just give me the play and let me play the position.’”

If anything, McVay is just doing a better job of maximizing his time by speeding up the Rams, and both Goff and McVay noted that Goff has the ability to ignore McVay and change […]    

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