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Is it a fireworks show in Temecula without “God Bless the USA”?

By in Press Enterprise on July 7, 2017

By Aaron Claverie

Something seemed off.

Some Temecula residents wondered if they had tuned into the wrong radio station for the annual Independence Day fireworks simulcast. Was that a Coldplay song? Isn’t Ed Sheeran (whispers) from England? When were they going to play “God Bless the USA”?

Waitaminute … they DIDN’T play “God Bless the USA”?!

During this year’s Temecula fireworks show, which caps off a day of Fourth of July entertainment that includes a patriotic parade and a free concert at the Ronald Reagan Sports Park, the soundtrack that accompanied the hiss boom bahs of the rockets featured pop songs, movie scores, county fair classics like “Born in the USA” and “R.O.C.K. in the U.S.A.” and a bit of country. The big finale, which rattled the rib cages of those sitting nearby, was set to Sousa’s familiar “The Stars and Stripes Forever.”

The ringing has long since subsided in people’s ears but not the grousing.

Dozens of people offered up reviews of the music programming on Facebook that expressed disappointment about the lack of “patriotic” songs, saying that Independence Day is a great chance to experience the thrill of … well, something more red, white and blue than “A Sky Full of Stars.”

“I was utterly baffled when Ed Sheeran and Coldplay made the playlist,” wrote one attendee.

Does Coldplay’s “A Sky Full of Stars” belong in a Fourth of July fireworks show?

— PE_Claverie (@PE_Claverie) July 6, 2017

Some Facebookers talked of starting a petition and forwarding it to the city to demand more patriotic anthems and classic Independence Day fare.

Others defended the company that produced the show, Las Vegas-based Pyritz Pyrotechnics, praising the mix as both modern and a change of pace that likely was put together to prevent the annual show from getting stale.

A Pyritz official, Ed Pratt, said Friday that […]    

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