How you can travel to Scotland on the Queen Mary this weekend

By in Press Enterprise on February 14, 2018

By Richard Guzman

The Queen Mary is celebrating its roots with bagpipes, kilts, sports and haggis as the 25th annual Scots Festival and International Highland Games return to the ship.

The festival, set for Saturday, Feb. 17, and Sunday, Feb. 18, celebrates the culture and history of Scotland through games, food, music and scotch.

It’s a fitting celebration for a ship that was constructed in Clydebank, Scotland, in the 1930s.

And it’s also a lot of culture to take in over one weekend so to prepare you for all things Scottish, here’s a guide to what you’ll experience at the festival this weekend.

The Food

Experience Scottish food at the festival will be in the evening at Greyfrair’s Pub, a pop-up at the Queen Mary that was created just for the festival and is open from 7 p.m.-1 a.m.

This is where traditional foods such as Haggis, bangers and mash, smoked salmon, beef pies, traditional and soups will be served.

Another treat that will be on the menu is cranachan — not an evil mythological sea creature, but rather a dessert made with a mixture of whipped cream, whisky and oats.

And as the haggis is presented, there will be a recitation of the Robert Burns poem “Address to a Haggis.”

Todd Henderson, the ship’s executive chef, will cut and serve the haggis in the ship’s Exhibit Hall at 11 a.m. both days.

There are also cooking demos Scotch whisky tastings as well.

The Culture

According to Brian Luallen, director of events and entertainment at the Queen Mary, you can walk out of the festival pretty much an honorary Scot thanks to all the culture on display.

Attractions include the Grand Parade of Clans & Bands with about two dozen original family clans traveling from Scotland to the festival to march both days.

Expect sheep herding demonstrations with some really smart border collies, […]    

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