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How Trout’s homer found a 17-year-old who traveled alone from Hong Kong to watch 23 Angels games

By in Press Enterprise on July 26, 2017

By Keith Sharon

The kid from Hong Kong travels across America alone, scarfing fast food, hopping cheap flights and seeing as much Angels baseball as possible.

He’s 17, and since July 13 he’s been a Pacific Ocean away from home. Sometimes, things get weird, like the time he was walking out of McDonald’s in Anaheim and a man approached him. “Got any weed?” the man asked. “No,” he said.

He’s in Cleveland with the Angels this week, staying at the Radisson Hotel across from Progressive Field. He’s doing an interview on a burner phone that will expire Aug. 10, two days before his incredible trip ends.

His mother is worried what he’s eating. She texts him every three hours, he said. He turns off his phone sometimes because he’s tired of explaining that he’s still alive.

Fergus Chan, of Hong Kong caught Mike Trout’s home run on Sunday. (Photo courtesy of Fergus Chan)

His name is Fergus Chan. Next year, he hopes to be studying economics at Durham University in North East England. He will find out if he’s accepted Aug. 20. He plans to see 23 games in 30 days.

With less than a month before his life gets real, he is living an American dream.

“It’s actually kind of scary,” Fergus said. “But it’s the U.S., so people are very nice. In Hong Kong, people don’t talk. Everyone here asks me how I’m doing.”

On Sunday, Fergus went to Angel Stadium and sat in the right center field sun when “I heard the pop of Mike Trout’s bat.” He saw the ball spinning toward him. Two guys pushed him. He stuck up his glove.

“I didn’t catch it as much as it caught me,” Fergus said.

He posted a photo of Mike Trout’s home run ball on Twitter, Facebook and Reddit. His temporary phone started blowing up. He was interviewed by […]    

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