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How the Rams have completely transformed their wide receiver position

By in Press Enterprise on October 6, 2017

By Vincent Bonsignore

With so much to unpack and appreciate in the immediate aftermath of Todd Gurley’s 54-yard touchdown catch against the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday, it was useless trying to pick out a starting point, let alone identify who or what was most responsible for Gurley taking it to the house.

The pull block that left guard Rodger Saffold made to kick out the defensive end running free toward Jared Goff was critical. Gurley casually floating out of the backfield then turning on the burners to split two defenders on a seam route down the field was a thing of beauty. And Goff delivering a perfect throw to Gurley, in stride, to allow him to corral the ball at top speed and never let up on his way to the end zone is exactly why Sean McVay recently added the play to his growing playbook in the first place.

“You kinda perk up a bit because you know it’s a good one,” is how Goff described his reaction when McVay dialed the play up on Sunday.

From design to install to practicing it to calling it to everyone executing their roles to perfection, it was something to behold indeed.

But as Rams wide receiver Robert Woods watched it all unfold after pulling his defender with him on an up-and-out pattern a few yards ahead of Gurley, he knew exactly who to congratulate.

And who he chose to acknowledge first speaks to the dramatic overhaul the Rams made at wide receiver from last year to this year, the versatile, multi-faceted skill set they’ve created as a result, McVay’s insistence on players taking ownership of their position rooms and his uncanny ability to take individual strengths and mesh them in a way that benefits the collective good.

“I ran straight over to Josh first,” said Woods, smiling proudly […]    

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