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How Hurricane Harvey is tied to the California heat wave

By in Press Enterprise on August 29, 2017

By Jeff Goertzen

A high-pressure system is lingering over California and the western region, causing extreme heat. This system is expected to continue through the week, bringing record-breaking temperatures with it.

This high-pressure system is also keeping Tropical Storm Harvey from moving inland. As long as the system remains, Harvey will continue its downpour of rain, making it one of the nation’s most powerful storms.

Houston has been overwhelmed by the storm, with parts of the city receiving as much as 30 inches of rain. The National Weather Service​ predicts an additional 15 to 25 inches of rain along the upper Texas coast and southwest Louisiana through Friday. The storm is moving slowly and a flood warning is in effect until Thursday.


Sources: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, The New York Times and KCAL 9News


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