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How hot was it on the day before Thanksgiving? Hot enough to break records across Southern California

By in Press Enterprise on November 23, 2017

By Alma Fausto

As the heat turned up in the kitchen for Thanksgiving cooking, so did the heat outside. On Wednesday it got so hot that several temperature records for the day were broken across Southern California.

Forecasters said Wednesday, Nov. 22, was going to be the hottest day this week, but the rest of the week, including the holiday, is expected to also be warmer than normal.

National Weather Service meteorologist Brett Albright said there is an anomalous high-pressure system over the area that’s causing the warm spell.

“(It) brings a lot of heat and warm air,” Albright said. “We also have a little bit of light offshore Santa Ana winds … so it’s the combination of both.”

Records across Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside and San Bernardino counties saw years-old records shattered by 2 p.m.

In Los Angeles County, the area around Long Beach Airport hit 96 degrees, shattering the 2015 record of 88. Orange County’s hottest spot was in Santa Ana at 95 degrees, surpassing 1950’s record of 91. The mountain regions broke records for the season. Big Bear in San Bernardino County hit a high of 72 degrees, overtaking the 65 high of 1995. The city of Riverside also broke its record of 90, registering 95 degrees.

The upside, Albright said, is that the heat won’t stick around after dark. “It’s going to cool off at night. It’s not like the summer heat when the nights are still warm. It’ll be in the 60s and 50s.”

A cooling trend will start on Thanksgiving Day. But forecasters said the relief will be little and gradual. Temperatures will still be about 5 to 15 degrees above average.

“By Sunday it’ll be cooler, but only by a few degrees,” Albright said. “The whole Thanksgiving weekend is going to be pretty warm.”


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