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Holiday Movies 2017: Besides new ‘Star Wars,’ what’s coming before year’s end

By in Press Enterprise on November 9, 2017

By Bob Strauss

Rejoice! It’s the holiday movie season. It’s awards season, too. And you know what all that means.

From now until the end of the year, expect to see the biggest, most beautiful family entertainments you could possibly imagine. And if the latest Star Wars movie turns out to be a disappointment, at least there’s another Pitch Perfect sequel to look forward to.

This year, there’s a bumper crop of great actors such as Denzel Washington, Gary Oldman, James Franco, Jacob Tremblay, Margot Robbie, Hugh Jackman, Tom Hanks, Daniel Day Lewis, Joel Edgerton and most of the Justice League putting all kinds of things on their heads – wigs, prosthetics, masks, Kenneth Branagh’s “Murder” mustache, you name it – to show us how transformative they can be. As of this writing, that list still includes Kevin Spacey’s unrecognizable turn as J. Paul Getty in “All the Money in the World,” though don’t be surprised if the film’s moved out of this competitive timeframe due to myriad sexual harassment accusations against the actor, perhaps never to be seen at all.

The way such misconduct has been exposed throughout the industry this fall means that most any movie, no matter how anticipated, could quickly become toxic. So we’ll add that caveat to our usual disclaimer about release dates in the accompanying listings always being subject to change.

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