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Hoffarth on the media: How Clippers, Bowen came to tie the knot on TV deal

By in Press Enterprise on October 1, 2017

By Tom Hoffarth

To hear it from those most involved in the decision-making process, Bruce Bowen quickly emerged as the top candidate to land the role as the new Clippers TV analyst that opened up this past offseason. One simple audition, one quarter of calling a game off a monitor, and there was no tie-breaking procedure needed.

But had there been, Bowen’s commitment to his trademark bow tie during the telecasts could have put a ribbon on the package deal.

Although the 13-season NBA pro out of Cal State Fullerton has limited live game experience as an analyst – he did some of it on occasion during his run primarily as a studio analyst at ESPN – Bowen’s brief run-through with Ralph Lawler less than a month ago more than impressed the team and execs at Fox Sports West, Prime Ticket and Fox Sports San Diego.

Still, the 46-year-old Bowen wasn’t so sure of how it was going to be received.

“If you do your best – and I felt I did – you don’t know which way it will go, and I wasn’t going to try to guesstimate,” Bowen said this week from the Clippers’ training camp in Honolulu, where he and Lawler will debut together live when the Clippers face Toronto twice on Prime Ticket, Sunday night (7:30 p.m.) and then Tuesday night (10 p.m.).

“Some may have liked it, some may have thought it was corny. It was out of my control.”

Well, not really.

“It went so well we could hardly believe it,” said Lawler, about to start his 39th season as the Clippers’ play-by-play man. “It felt as if we’d been working together for 20 years. He’s an absolute natural.”


Naturally, the job didn’t just come open by accident.

Prime Ticket, with the Clippers’ input, decided not to renew the contract of […]    

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