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Hemet Police Department is now accepting concealed-carry permit applications

By in Press Enterprise on October 25, 2017

By Craig Shultz

Hemet has become the latest city to offer a licence to carry a concealed weapon through its police department.

The city follows a move made by Murrieta, Beaumont and Banning. Previously, residents had to apply through the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department, where waits could stretch for two years.

The permits allow qualified citizens who demonstrate both “good cause” and “good moral character” to carry loaded, concealed firearms into public places.

The program began Wednesday, Oct 25, one day after Police Chief Dave Brown presented a report on the program to the Hemet City Council.

Hemet Mayor Linda Krupa said the ability to carry a concealed weapon is good for people whose jobs require safety.

“It gives the residents a better feeling of security,” she said.

Like the other local cities, Hemet will work with, a clearinghouse that does the preliminary work, allowing residents to apply for or renew a permit online.

The service reviews applications to ensure that candidates meet the requirements for the issuance of a concealed carry permit and that all required forms, safety courses and other processes have been completed.

A report is then submitted to the local police department for final review and approval by the police chief.

The program is expected to drop waits to three to four months, according to the Hemet Police Department.

The extended wait through the Sheriff’s Department is the result of the more-than 120 applications it receives each month, in addition to the hundreds of request for renewals of existing permits.

Receiving a licence through the police department will also cost more, since much of the background work will be contracted out.

An application fee in Hemet will cost $298, versus $100 in the county. Both require additional costs for safety courses and background checks

“We want to ensure that Hemet residents have access to a fair and timely […]    

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