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Heisler: Rebuilding Lakers style – hey, things have been worse

By in Press Enterprise on January 6, 2018

By Mark Heisler

These are still the times that try Lakers’ souls.

It’s not that they’re rebuilding, which even dynasties have to do. The problem is that it’s going so slowly, heading toward their fifth season in a row out of the playoffs. Their longest absence before had been two seasons … once … 41 years ago.

Now that everyone around here has learned to be r-e-a-l-l-y patient, the question is what the Lakers will get out of this.

Of course, we won’t know the answer for years but here’s how it’s going in Rebuilding Land.


Boston — No, really.

Just because you’re good now doesn’t mean you’re not capable of building for a better future if everything goes just right as it has for GM Danny Ainge. The Celtics are leading the East despite losing Gordon Hayward with the best likely yet to come as elite prospects arrive annually from promising Jaylen Brown, 21, to star-in-waiting Jayson Tatum, 19, with one more lottery pick from the treasure trove that Ainge got from Brooklyn’s Bill King for 37-year-old Kevin Garnett and 36-year-old Paul Pierce in one of the biggest heists in NBA history.

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