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Heisler: Lakers dream of LeBron James, even a middle-aged one

By in Press Enterprise on November 18, 2017

By Mark Heisler

It’s good to be The King even if times are tough in the kindgom.

Take LeBron James – now trying to hold his hometown Cleveland Cavaliers together – which is precisely what the Lakers aim to do.

By now, even small children in Lakerdom know what is surely Lakers boss Magic Johnson’s plan:

1) Develop the young players.

2) Create cap space for two maximum contracts … which probably means renouncing free agents Julius Randle, Brook Lopez and Kentavious Caldwell-Pope and trading Jordan Clarkson.

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3) Sign free agent Paul George from Oklahoma City.

4) Sign LeBron from Cleveland.

5) Live happily ever after.

Long shot that it is – none of the promising young Lakers will be confused with Karl-Anthony Towns or Joel Embiid – the Lakers are serious with Magic vowing they’ll be “major players” in free agency and George getting himself traded after turning down an extension in Indiana, saying he wanted to sign with the Lakers in 2018.

Even lowly teams run on hope, however desperate. Wednesday’s 76ers-Lakers game was hyped as the battle of the stars of the NBA of Tomorrow. LeBron is trying to remain the NBA […]    

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