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Heisler: Clippers face brave new post-Chris Paul world

By in Press Enterprise on November 4, 2017

By Mark Heisler

Where have you gone, Chris Paul?

Not that the Clippers turn their lonely eyes to you. They have read CP3 out of their history like Winston Smith dropping his chapter in the memory hole in “1984,” and vice versa.

Not that you can forget that Chris was their leader for six seasons with their .658 winning percentage surpassed only by the Spurs (.742) and Warriors (.689).

Of course, the last three seasons the Warriors went .841 – and 36-8 in the Western draw of the playoffs – making the Clippers and the rest of the conference irrelevant.

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Unfortunately for the local stepchildren, no matter how good the Clippers are or how bad the Lakers are, No. 3 doesn’t mean much more than No. 30, as the Clips were so often in the laughingstock days under Donald T. Sterling.

If you want to see the toll of being merely third best on a super-competitor like CP3, this is it.

Stupid or not, the playoffs used to start with the press asking if Chris didn’t need to win a title to secure his legacy, blah, blah.

It was really a backhanded compliment, something that’s only asked of players as great as CP3 or Kevin Durant.

Not that it feels like a compliment if you’re the one being asked, like KD who bolted his beloved Thunder, which had just blown a 3-1 lead over the Warriors in the Western Conference finals, to join them.

CP3, whose greatness is unchallenged among NBA people, was expected by every Clipper from Steve Ballmer to the ballboy to re-sign … until […]    

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