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Heisler: Can someone from Lakers tell LaVar Ball to shut up?

By in Press Enterprise on October 27, 2017

By Mark Heisler

Hide the women and children. Now towering above the skyline of Lakerdom … it’s LaVarzilla!

There’s a line at which parental involvement can go from nurturing into living through one’s child. From there, all sorts of dysfunction are possible … which the child pays for … all the dismaying way to the new heights of naked ego-tripping now being foisted on the Lakers and their fans.

Of course, LaVar Ball probably went over that line before they got baby Lonzo home from the hospital.

The Lakers season is six games old and LaVar has feuded with Clippers guard Patrick Beverley, who promised to reduce Lonzo to ashes – and did – and with the Washington Wizards after promising his son would beat them – and did, even if Lonzo’s teammates bailed him out while John Wall was outscoring him, 18-6.

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Throw in De’Aaron Fox outscoring Lonzo, 39-10, in UCLA’s NCAA Tournament loss to Kentucky, and saying he was on attack mode “to shut LaVar Ball up,” and that’s three feuds in Lonzo’s last seven games.

Of course, the press is a natural adversary since it acts as a check on LaVar’s flights of fantasy, as when he told ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith that “Lonzo did good” after he scored three points in the opener.

“What game did you watch?” Smith exclaimed, incredulously.

Stephen A. wound up looking away, rolling his eyes, while pointing his microphone back at LaVar to note the Lakers let Lonzo down by not running down the middle of the floor (“Don’t make me bring my shoes out and run. I can get 20 points running down the middle.”)

This is hardly over. Turmoil […]    

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