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Group of motorcyclists turns violent after crash on 91 Freeway in Riverside, CHP says

By in Press Enterprise on January 9, 2018

By Brian Rokos

Packs of motorcyclists numbering 100 or more using Inland freeways as their own playgrounds, performing stunts and grinding traffic to a halt, have drawn law enforcement attention in recent years.

The antics have sometimes included physical, aggressive behavior. In July, for instance, witnesses said “hundreds” of motorcyclists stopped on the 15 Freeway in Corona, “starting fights with passing motorists” and striking vehicle windows. In December, motorcyclists ran interference for a biker being pursued by Riverside police.

But an incident Sunday afternoon in Riverside involving one of these groups seems to have reached a new level of violence, with bikers following a driver off the 91 Freeway after he was involved in a non-injury crash with one motorcycle, according to the California Highway Patrol.

The confrontation left the driver on the pavement bleeding from the face, his windshield smashed, and prompted the CHP to launch a major investigation.

Just before the assault, the CHP alerted Riverside police that “they were getting reports of large numbers of motorcyclists on the freeway headed toward Riverside,” Riverside police Officer Ryan Railsback said.

A Honda driven by 20-year-old Riverside man was head west on the 91 near Spruce Street about 1 p.m., the same time as about 400 motorcyclists, according to a CHP news release.

A motorcycle ridden by a 22-year-old Beaumont man slowed suddenly and was rear-ended by the Honda, the release said. No one was reported injured in that collision.

As the Honda driver began to pull over, he was surrounded by several motorcycles. He exited the freeway at Mission Inn Avenue and was followed by 20-30 motorcycles, the CHP said. The motorcyclists forced Anaya to stop on Mission Inn under the freeway overpass and began to vandalize the car and assault the driver, the CHP said.

By the time officers arrived, the motorcyclists were gone. The driver’s […]    

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