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Fullerton concertgoer escapes Las Vegas mass shooting that killed 58

By in Press Enterprise on October 2, 2017

By Beatriz E. Valenzuela

What started as a fun-filled three-day weekend in Las Vegas for a Fullerton woman and her friends turned into panic and horror when a lone gunman opened fire on an open-air country music festival in Las Vegas Sunday night, killing 58 and wounding more than 515.

“I knew it had to be gunshots,” said Ximena Mejorado, 26, of Fullerton who was at the show with a group of friends. All of them survived. “There were a lot of rounds and it just kept going. You would hear one (burst) after another, after another. I knew it was someone trying to harm people.”

Mejorado said she and her friend, Jessica, were near the front and to the left of the stage listening to singer Jason Aldean when they heard a short series of pops.

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“We looked around and wondered, ‘Did you hear that?’ ” the 26-year-old recounted Monday morning from her hotel room in Las Vegas. When no one reacted, not even Aldean, the women continued listening to the music, but then it became clear that something sinister was taking place.

“Then we saw that Jason run off the stage, and everyone just got on the floor,” she said. “That’s when we started hearing rounds […]    

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