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For Oscar winner Mo’Nique, nothing will be off-limits at Spotlight 29 Casino

By in Press Enterprise on May 16, 2017

By Stephanie Schulte

Although comedian and Academy Award-winning actress Mo’Nique is humbled to have taken home the coveted golden statue for her searing performance in the 2009 drama “Precious,” it was the man who presented her with the award that made a lasting impression.

“To be given an appreciation hug from Robin Williams was very special,” Mo’Nique said in a telephone interview. “And to meet that type of spirit and to be in the presence of one of the greatest ones to ever do it and he treats me like I am one of the greatest ones to ever do it?

“So remove the award and I just hold onto that moment, the award is what it is — it’s a trophy. But no one could ever replace the moment that I shared with my comedic brother Robin Williams.”

Not only did the role earn Mo’Nique one of acting’s top accolades in 2010, it also helped her shed the resentment she had been holding onto for many years.

“ ‘Mary Jones’ was my brother Gerald who had molested me,” she said, referring to the role of the mentally disturbed and abusive character she played in the movie. “So, I knew that woman.”

Mo’Nique said her husband was extremely supportive and told her, “‘Don’t judge Mary Jones just become Mary Jones.’ That’s what allowed me to become Mary Jones, and then I knew her.”

Then, she also was able to see her brother’s sickness through that character.

“It is a sickness, and in my humble opinion no one wants to intentionally hurt others,” Mo’Nique said.

To this day, she stands firm in her decision to never see her brother again.

But it was her other brother who was the reason she got into stand-up comedy. He tried his hand at comedy during an open mic night at a club and received a sharp […]    

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