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Find out how much water, sewer rates will rise for Elsinore Valley customers

By in Press Enterprise on July 29, 2017

By Michael Williams

Most customers of the Elsinore Valley Municipal Water District will see rate increases on their monthly water and sewer bills as a result of action by the district’s board this week.

The directors voted, 5-0, Thursday to approve budgets for this fiscal year and 2018-19 that included rate hikes.

For indoor use, most of the district’s customers classified as efficient water consumers will, beginning in August, experience a 2-cent increase per 100 cubic feet and a 5-cent increase in the year starting July 1, 2018.

While households that use water at inefficient or excessive levels will be assessed higher rates, those charges are less than previous years under severe drought restrictions that have since been lifted.

Landscape irrigation, commercial, institutional and recycled water customers will experience slight hikes for most categories.

Sewer rates for single-family houses will rise from $43.50 to $45.87 and the tab for apartments and condominiums will go up from $33.79 to $45.87, starting Aug. 1.


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