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Energy costs making California unaffordable for too many

By in Press Enterprise on July 13, 2017

By Kevin McCarthy, Vince Fong

California continues to grow increasingly unaffordable as Californians continue to bear rising costs of everyday necessities — such as water, housing, food and energy. In the Central Valley, we hear story after story about how expensive it is living and working in our state as family budgets are getting squeezed.

This cannot continue. When it comes to energy costs, it certainly doesn’t have to be this way.

California is blessed with seemingly boundless natural resources and innovative outside-the-box thinking, yet our citizens suffer energy costs that are two times higher than the U.S. national average. Affordability is the most significant issue facing California, yet onerous regulations and red tape only worsen this problem for so many California families.

Here is how dire the situation is becoming:

• When considering cost-of-living, California has the highest poverty rate in the entire nation.

• In the last year alone, homelessness soared by 23 percent in Los Angeles County.

• California has the highest average gas prices in the continental United States.

• Over the last year, California resident ratepayers paid $4.8 billion more than the average ratepayer elsewhere in the U.S. using the same amount of energy.

Addressing the energy cost issue would go a long way for families across the state that are struggling to work and live here. In Washington, D.C., producing more and reducing the price of American energy has been a continuous focus. The benefit will be more American jobs, less dependence on foreign energy sources, and a safer global environment. This is a commonsense effort.

On the other hand, Sacramento has been going in the opposite direction. Almost all of the proposed policies and regulations have only exacerbated the high price of energy. Residents in the inland areas of the state know all too well the shock of seeing their monthly energy bills skyrocket during this warm […]    

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