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Emmys 2017: Will Stephen Colbert thank Donald Trump at the awards show this Sunday?

By in Press Enterprise on September 15, 2017

By Rob Lowman

Stephen Colbert already has nine Emmys, but this Sunday will be the first time he’ll be hosting the awards.

All of his wins have been for his former show, “The Colbert Report” on Comedy Central. This year, CBS’s “The Late Show With Stephen Colbert” picked up three nominations, but after the Creative ARTS Awards late weekend, he’s 0 for 2.

On Sunday, the comedian has another shot as “The Late Show” is up for Outstanding Variety Talk Series. If he wins, he will join a select few who have taken home a trophy while hosting the show. (See list at the end of the article.)

Last year, “The Late Show” wasn’t even nominated. Colbert had struggled to find a tone for the show when it premiered in September 2015, and there were reports of a lot of handwringing going on at CBS.

Two years later, he is the new king of late night and on top of the ratings.

One of the reasons for this is because the show took on a new showrunner, allowing Colbert to shift his focus to his material. With the presidential race last year, the comedian zeroed in on politics, something that he did so well on “The Colbert Report.”

Of course, one of his prime targets has been Donald Trump, and audiences have responded. Colbert’s sharp barbs have continued since the election.

At an Emmy event in Los Angeles on Tuesday, Colbert called the Emmys an “incredibly fun show to go to every year when you win.” Deadpanning, “If you lose, it’s an enormous waste of time,”

The comedian also pointed out “that the biggest television star of the last year was Donald Trump.” He added, “The fact that he’s not nominated, it’s a crime. It’s a high crime and a misdemeanor.”

Trump, you might remember, was nominated […]    

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