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Dustbowl Revival’s evolving musical journey brings the band to Temecula

By in Press Enterprise on January 4, 2018

By Deanna Gomez

Celebrating its 10th anniversary, The Dustbowl Revival continues to evolve and grow as the eight-piece band brings its unique sound to the Old Town Temecula Community Theater on Friday.

Founder Zach Lupetin began writing music in high school, and after moving from his native Chicago to California a decade ago, he placed an ad on Craigslist looking for anyone interested in playing folk music. While his original goals were modest, Dustbowl Revival released its sixth album last summer and regularly tours the country performing hundreds of shows each year.

Change has been a big part of the band’s experience. Growing from just a few friends rocking out at Lupetin’s home, the folk-funk-jazz band of today is all about balance, Lupetin says, with each instrument and musician balancing out the other.

It’s also about changing with the times. When the band started, there was a resurgence for retro, Dixieland music, and as music tastes have evolved, so has the ensemble’s focus.

“When you’re not the young new band anymore, you start to experiment with things that kind of rock your world and get you moving,” Lupetin said.

The band’s most recent album is a testament to its growth and evolution. The band has found a sound that is uniquely its own, Lupetin says. It’s more a blend of folk and soul music rather than the pure bluegrass and gospel music they started with.

Discovering the band’s new sound was the result of a process. All eight members and their producer worked together to find the new sound — a change from before when Lupetin would lead the way. While getting eight or nine people together in a room can lead to disagreements, there also was a collective energy that led to new ideas that helped the band refine its sound.

“It’s almost like we’re a mini think tank […]    

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