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Ducks’ frustration with the officiating grows

By in Press Enterprise on February 6, 2018

By Eric Stephens

TORONTO — On the surface, the gripes coming from a player about the officiating in a loss can come off as sour grapes. Team loses, plain and simple. Scoreboard says so. Get over it.

So when Ryan Getzlaf aired some of his thoughts Saturday following the Ducks’ loss to Montreal when it was a special teams game that revolved around 11 minor penalties, is that just someone moaning? Or should his words not be so summarily dismissed?

“It’s a frustrating time,” Getzlaf said. “As players, we’re not sure what penalties are and what they aren’t. As the ebbs and flows of the game (go), it’s hard to understand what’s going on all the time and maintaining what we want to do to compete.

“I didn’t feel like anybody was in danger at any point on the ice but somehow there was 10 penalties or whatever there was. That’s not hockey. And that’s not allowing players to play and be themselves and compete.”

One can dismiss a Ducks player on the basis that they ended Monday’s game against Toronto leading the NHL with 219 minor penalties. But whether it’s basic stuff or hits that skirt the line of legality, there seems to be a growing chorus that wonders what’s allowable and what isn’t. Or shouldn’t.

Andrew Cogliano said it’s hard not to factor that creeping into how they’re able to play on the ice.

“At some point you have to pay attention to what you’re really doing out there,” Cogliano said. “What is good and what’s going to be called and what might not be called. And you’ve got to be very careful. I feel like that’s a (frustrating) way of playing the game in terms of really being conscious out there.

“You always feel like you want to react when you’re checking and when you want someone’s […]    

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