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Donald Trump’s shaky finger on the nuclear trigger

By in Press Enterprise on November 25, 2017

By Larry Wilson

In the end, it may be his remarkably bad manners, not a nuclear war, that is his undoing.

Two out of three Americans polled this month say that civility in our nation has gone down since Donald Trump’s election.

In a small North Carolina focus group periodically brought together by a pollster, of the five Trump voters, only one still strongly supports the president. The others call his administration “chaotic” and “embarrassing.” The pollster, quoted last week in the Los Angeles Times, says that the college-educated and middle- to upper-income whites who did vote for Trump have in particular turned against him.

The only thing they like is the economy, as indicated by strong equity markets buoyed by corporate stock buybacks and good jobs numbers, both of which have continued the upward swing they were enjoying through the later Obama years.

So, thank goodness for small favors, and here’s hoping the dismal pattern of mean things said in mean ways — oh, and the lies — will bring Trump down before he has a chance to take us down with him.

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