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Doe rescued from fence at Vail Lake resort near Temecula dies

By in Press Enterprise on July 6, 2017

By Doug Saunders

A doe rescued from a perilous predicament at a Vail Lake resort in the Temecula area Wednesday has died as a result of her injuries.

“The fawn died shortly before noon today,” Riverside County Department of Animal Services spokesman John Welsh said in an emailed statement Thursday. “It had appeared to be doing well this morning – and was very comfortable. But her health deteriorated about mid-morning.”

The veterinarian at the San Jacinto Valley Animal Campus continued to treat the doe but her condition gradually declined.

“Our friends at state Fish & Wildlife had already coordinated a rescue rehabilitation center for the fawn, but we had to share the unfortunate news that her condition was worsening,” Welsh stated.

The fawn was found stuck between two bars of an ornamental wrought iron fence and subsequently rescued by Riverside County Department of Animal Services officers south of Vail Lake on Wednesday, July 5.

The 3-month-old doe was found in the fence bordering the retreat-style property on Highway 79, along Woodchuck Road.

“I used a cutting saw after I got permission from staff members at the property to remove a bar from the fence,” Officer Kyle Stephens said in a written statement. “That gave me the opportunity to relieve the deer from its sad predicament.”

Officer David Harris made sure the fawn didn’t escape and eventually offered her some water.

“She seemed very dehydrated,” Stephens said.

Officials placed the placed the doe on pain medications and inserted an IV providing the dehydrated deer the necessary fluids to give her the best chances to survive.

“Sometimes we can rescue an animal out of a bad situation, provide the animal with the best treatment from our veterinary professionals, but the critter, unfortunately, is unable to make that desired comeback,” Welsh said.


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