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Dodgers enter 2018 motivated to avenge World Series disappointment

By in Press Enterprise on February 12, 2018

By Bill Plunkett

LOS ANGELES — Not long after Game 7 of last fall’s World Series, Kenley Jansen was back at Dodger Stadium to work out.

The memories were too fresh.

“It took me awhile,” the closer said of absorbing the Dodgers’ loss in baseball’s final game last year. “To be honest with you, I came here a week after and worked out for a weekend. I started to get pissed off and angry. I just walked away.

“It took me at least three weeks. I think when I went home to spend time with my friends and family that kind of took care of it. I didn’t think about it no more.”

The laid-back island life in his native Curacao might have been just what Jansen needed to leave the loss to the Houston Astros in the past. His teammate, Justin Turner, certainly had his own distractions – he was one of six Dodgers to get married during the offseason.

But Turner doesn’t ever expect to forget the feeling of disappointment that came with falling one game short of a championship.

“It’s hard to put that loss behind us. I don’t think that’s ever going to go away, I think, for the rest of my life,” he said recently. “You get to Game 7 and fall one game short of winning your first World Series – that one hurts.

“But the four years I’ve been here, every year we’ve inched a little bit closer to winning that World Series. Last year we were one game shy. The same group of guys is coming back. … A lot of guys in there are hungry, want to put in the work to win one more game next year.”

That hunger – maybe more so than short-term memory loss – might be the most important baggage the Dodgers will take with them to […]    

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