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Disney’s D23 Expo is underway and there are lines to stand in lines

By in Press Enterprise on July 14, 2017

By Vanessa Franko

Disney’s D23 Expo may only happen every other year, but the convention of all things Disney and Disney-adjacent is more popular than ever. The convention kicked off Friday, June 14, at the Anaheim Convention Center with a lot of people, plenty of lines and plenty of people lamenting about the lines on social media.

And we’re sure they’re all going to check out the debut of the model that shows what Star Wars Land will look like at Disneyland, too.

Apparently there’s a line to get into the line. (This isn’t even the people who camped out early.)

Zeek & Rachel are waiting in this line until we finally get to stand in the line @AndrewZona is in right now… #D23 #Waiting #Waiting

— BehindTheMagic @ D23 (@BTMPodcast) July 14, 2017

So far our D23 has been trying to find the end of the line to get into the convention center. It has been unsuccessful.

— Who Talks First? (@KnightsOfRant) July 14, 2017

Cheers as the upstairs line moves to go in! #D23

— Laura G (@LaurasMiscMovie) July 14, 2017

Note that not even being a princess can get you special treatment for the D23 line.

Even Belle had to line up for d23 #d23expo

— Ruel S. De Vera (@RuelSDeVera) July 14, 2017

Maybe Adult Swim can produce a show called “Too Many Lines” at D23.

Been in line now for about 40 minutes to get into show floor. Got in pretty quick but…

— Charlie @ D23 (@CharlieJacobs__) July 14, 2017

Really, aren’t all lines in the eye of the beholder?

Waiting in the Legends line, people say it isn’t […]    

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