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Disneyland raises prices on most tickets and all annual passes

By in Press Enterprise on February 11, 2018

By Marla Jo Fisher

Disneyland is raising prices for most admissions today, a move that was widely expected as the park prepares for the 2019 opening of its much-anticipated “Star Wars” land.

Anaheim resort officials have been struggling for years to balance their desire to keep the parks full against the reality that they’re crowded on a daily basis, even during the winter renovation season when attendance used to be light.

The easiest way to reduce overcrowding while still keeping revenue high is to hike ticket prices, although Disney officials don’t want to alienate their bread-and-butter customers – the estimated 1 million annual passholders who remain loyal regardless of circumstances.

“Disney doesn’t even have an off-season anymore,” said Martin Lewison, a Disney price expert and assistant business professor at Farmingdale State College in New York. “Disney is in that special rare position where they can raise prices and their attendance won’t dip, or, if it does dip, it won’t be that much.”

Starting today, all tickets and annual passes are now pricier, except for the cheapest “value” single-day off-season ticket, which will remain the same at $97, and the “value” one-day park hopper, which will actually decrease in price, from $157 to $147.

In 2016, Disneyland changed the way it sells tickets from a single standard ticket price. This system of surge pricing has become standard across entertainment and travel industries. In Disneyland’s case, ticket prices are divided among “value,” “regular” and “peak” days. On days projected to be the most crowded, a one-day, one-park ticket will now cost $135, up from $124.

Annual passholders will now pay at least $100 more per year, except for the Southern California Select pass, which is blocked out on weekends and in the and will go up only $30 per year.

“Wow, that’s a big increase from what I’m paying now,” […]    

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