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Disneyland must make these 8 fixes to handle larger crowds

By in Press Enterprise on October 31, 2017

By Robert Niles Disney is planning to build a new four dimaond hotel on the west side of the Downtown Disney by 2021. Columnist Robert Niles proposes some other enhancements that can be made to the Disney Resort in the years ahead. (Rendering courtesy of Disney Enterprises)

Anyone who’s circled around the Disneyland Resort on a busy Friday night should welcome last week’s news that Disney is moving ahead with a new parking garage at the resort, even if it won’t be at the much-debated Eastern Gateway. But a new parking garage and a fourth hotel don’t address all of the logistical needs at the ever-more-crowded resort. Here are eight things that the Disneyland Resort still needs to better manage the fans crowding its property.

1. A dedicated I-5 ramp for traffic from the south

This was one of the main selling points of the Eastern Gateway project and with the new parking garage moving next to Mickey and Friends instead, that need remains unfulfilled. Yes, people coming up from south Orange and San Diego counties can pull off and park in the Toy Story lot, but that doesn’t keep traffic off clogged Anaheim Resort area streets the way that flyover across Ball Road into and out of Mickey and Friends does.

2. A better central drop-off/pickup location

Ride sharing services such as Lyft and Uber can take a lot of the pressure of Disney’s parking lots and garages. But they can’t move people into or out of the resort if there’s no good place for them to do that. The official drop-off/pickup location on Harbor Boulevard is often gridlocked and only accessible by southbound traffic on the street anyway. Should Disney create a separate area for Uber and Lyft? Or designate part of Toy Story as a cell phone waiting lot, so that traffic can keep moving […]    

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