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Disneyland fans and freaks, get your red-hot Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge merchandise now

By in Press Enterprise on December 30, 2017

By Marla Jo Fisher

If you’re a Disneyland-slash-Star-Wars freak, err, devotee, prepare to do a little mouth foaming and open your wallet. Because the first Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge merchandise is now on sale in Tomorrowland.

Yes, that’s right, you can be the first to buy T-shirts, hats and pins promoting the new “Star Wars” land coming to the park in 2019. Not that we’re slamming overpriced Disneyland merchandise, by the way. You always dreamed of paying $35 for a T-shirt, right?

All kidding aside, there are scads of you fans out there who want to know this: So head to The Star Trader in Tomorrowland now and get your stuff, because you know it’s going to sell out.

Though – and we’re going out on a limb here – we feel pretty confident they’ll make more. (Note that annual passholders get a discount here of 10-20 percent depending on pass).

The Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge merchandise is also available at Walt Disney World in Florida.

If you’ve been shipwrecked on Gilligan’s Island for the last 18 months, well, you might still have heard that Disney is building Star Wars-themed lands at both Disneyland and Walt Disney World that are expected to shatter all attendance records.

They will be the largest single-theme expansions of the parks since they opened. Inside the new lands, people will find a newly invented planet where they can fight bad guys, take control of the Millennium Falcon and visit a remote trading port where … guess what? They can buy stuff!

The new store has a six-story-high rock spire that can already be seen from parts of the resort. The store will be half the size of a football field and themed with aged and distressed metal to look futuristic but somewhat beat up.

Want to know what’s for sale? Here’s a […]    

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