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Disney Hall comes under ‘alien attack,’ as the LA Phil declares ‘War of the Worlds’

By in Press Enterprise on November 15, 2017

By Jim Farber

A truly remarkable event ….

We interrupt this review to bring you an important announcement. There has been an invasion of interplanetary proportion! We have reports that the world premiere of a major composition by Annie Gosfield at the Walt Disney Concert Hall celebrating the 100th anniversary of Gustav Holst’s “The Planets” (commissioned by the Los Angeles Philharmonic and the cutting-edge opera company The Industry) was disrupted by an invading force from the planet Mars!

“Ladies and gentlemen, I hate to interrupt your enjoyment of this wonderful music but the LA Phil wanted you to be aware of some breaking news.”

According to our on-site reporter, this announcement was made by the concert’s narrator, Sigourney Weaver, approximately 15 minutes after the concert began.

The following may not be suitable for younger audiences.

Weaver, who was in communication with scientific and military authorities at three downtown air-raid siren locations, reported in a voice filled with tension, “It seems that several unexplained explosions were observed in the sky just over Los Angeles!” And our reporter confirms that a sizable sonic disturbance did indeed cause considerable trembling in the hall.

In an attempt to complete the premiere, Weaver re-introduced conductor Christopher Roundtree and the work’s second movement evoking the planet Venus. But just as bass James Hayden was intoning the powerful section of Yuval Sharon’s insightful libretto that delves into Elvis’ bisexuality the hall was rocked by another seismic vibration.

Clearly flustered, Weaver returned to the stage and urged the audience to this time, “TRULY take note of your nearest exit. There is a possibility we may have to evacuate!”

As reports from the three off-site locations streamed into the hall — from professor Richard Pierson, KCRW meteorologist Melissa Morse, Gen. Lansing (who was heading the military response), and a Mrs. Martinez (owner of La Luna Azul restaurant) — it became […]    

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